School Glue Sticks

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Bostik Art & Craft Glue

$2 Ex Tax: $2

Bostik Art & Craft Glue, Retail Packaging, No Warranty ..

Marlin White Craft Glue Non

$1 Ex Tax: $1

Marlin White Craft Glue Non-Toxic 125ml Multi Purpose-Single Pack, , Product Overview:Marlin White craft glue non-toxic 250ml multi purpose• Bonds strong for all your needs• Safe & non-toxic ..

Pritt Glue Stick 43g

$3 Ex Tax: $3

Pritt Glue Stick 43g - Individual. Product Overview:ince 1969, the Pritt Stick glue is the ideal solution for precise and clean gluing of paper, cardboard and photos. It stands out for its strong hold, immediate grip and long life thanks to the tube that prevents the passage of air. Moreover, it is solvent-free and environmentally friendly: the patented glue material is 90% made with renewable raw..

Tweety Ice Cream Glue

$2 Ex Tax: $2

Tweety Ice Cream Glue (20cc)2 Mix Design, Retail Packaging, No Warranty ..

Tweety Roller Type Glue Pen

$2 Ex Tax: $2

Tweety Roller Type Glue Pen -15ml 2mix, Retail Packaging, No Warranty ..

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