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Casey Safety Protective Eyewear

$3 Ex Tax: $3

Casey Safety Protective Eyewear - To Protect Against Saliva Droplets, Blood Borne Pathogens Such Covid-19 , MERS, SARS , Hepatitis Or HIV From Blood And Body Fluids, Clear Polycarbonate Mono Lens, Ergonomic Lightweight Design, May Be Worn With Prescription Glasses and Contact Lenses , Provide A Secure Shield Around The Entire Eye Bulk Packaging No Warranty  Product Overview The Casey Personal Safe..

Casey Splash Protection Faceshield with Foam

$5 Ex Tax: $5

Casey Splash Protection Faceshield with Foam Padding - Clear Visor For Maximum Visibility, Light Weight For Maximum Comfort, Foam Padding To Limit Top Ingress And Aid In Comfort, May Be Worn With Glasses or Goggles and Mask, Elastic Headband For Versatile Sizing, No Warranty   Product Overview The Casey Splash Protection Full Face Shield Visor with Foam Padding is designed to prevent the splash, s..

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