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ADEL Fingerprint Door Lock

$134 Ex Tax: $134

ADEL Fingerprint Door Lock - Store 99 Fingerprints, Pass Code, Key, Auto-LockingAt a Glance...Biometric security lock - opens by fingerprint, mechanical key, or pass codeComes with complete installation kit and has reversible handle for left or right opening doors.Can store up to 99 unique fingerprints and even if the batteries run out they wont be forgottenCan easily add or delete individual user..

Color Screen Fingerprint Attendance System

$82 Ex Tax: $82

Color Screen Fingerprint Time Attendance System - 2.8 Inch, 80000 Capacity RecordColor Screen Fingerprint Time Attendance System that features a 2.8 inch display as well as being able to store over 80000 clocking in and out records for monitoring your employees. Running a workforce and keeping on top of employees attendance has always been a challenge with some employees clocking in for others. ..

Fingerprint Door Lock with Deadbolt - Aegis

$142 Ex Tax: $142

Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock "Aegis" - Deadbolt, Right Handed InstallationThis biometric door lock with deadbolt features 3 forms of entry, fingerprint, access code, and key, for when only the highest quality in door entry security is acceptable. Losing or misplacing your keys is extremely easy and poses a huge security risk. Not to mention, standard door handle/lock systems can be easily pick..

Self-Service Fingerprint Time Attendance

$73 Ex Tax: $73

Self-Service Fingerprint Time Attendance - 4 Inch TFT Screen, 1000 Fingerprint CapacitySelf-Service Fingerprint Time Attendance allows you to keep track of who is here as it has a 4 Inch TFT Screen and a 1000 Fingerprint Capacity.Biometric Time And AttendanceThis fingerprint time attendance system uses biometric reorganization to register each employee that clocks in and out has been designed to h..

Time Attendance Fingerprint System

$102 Ex Tax: $102

Time Attendance Fingerprint System - 2.8 Inch Color Screen, LAN + USB PortsTime Attendance Fingerprint System that has a Color Screen at 2.8 Inch in size and also TCP/IP for strong connectivity to help you monitor your employees in cost-saving and efficient way. An effective way to keep record of your employees and staff is with this Time Attendance Fingerprint System. Requiring only a fingerprint..

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